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What does a Slo Mo Booth set up look like?
The Slo Mo Booth is a free standing studio setup that includes a white backdrop, professional LED lighting, an HD camera filming at 120 fps, and a black backdrop to create a polished look from the outside.

How big is the Slo Mo Booth?
We recommend setting aside a space that is a minimum of 15×15′. The booth itself is 10′ wide and can comfortably fit groups of up to 5 people!

What else do you require?
All we ask is to be set up near a wall outlet, and have one skirted table to display the props!

What can my guests walk away with?
We offer a whole host of add-ons! All of the still photos taken in the booth will be available for download by your guests within 24 hours of the event. You can add photo printing on site, individual video clip downloads, or even a USB of the finished video for each guest!

How will my guests know what to do?
Our booth attendants are well trained in such slow motion techniques as: blowing raspberries, crazy dance moves, confetti throwing, ribbon twirling, and more! They will be delighted to coach your guests into the silliest and funniest moves.

How do I reserve my booth?
Just send us an email! If The Slo Mo Booth is available for your date we can get you reserved with no deposit!

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